British Diet for Longevity

manner to eat like an Englishman could save 4000 lives per year in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (three of the four regions included in the United Kingdom) said a study. People who live in the UK eat more fruits and vegetables and eating less salt and fat, so that lowering the risk of heart disease and cancer.

in accord with the British Heart Foundation, this study shows eating style inequalities in different areas of England that should be the concern authorities. The death rate from heart disease and cancer are higher in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland than in England.

Now, the same researchers, from the Department of Public Health at the University of Oxford, his attention to the differences in diets in the United Kingdom. They examine the association of death from heart disease, stroke, and 10 types of cancer associated with poor diet estimates that should be avoided in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, if the citizens of these three areas to follow the British way of eating style.

Experts say this study was not designed to favor the privilege of eating the English, nor because the English diet is considered very healthy. The end goal is very simple, the researchers claim, that the English diet was chosen because it is easy to follow everywhere. The British diet is not perfect but can be applied in other UK regions.

“Another important factor is the consumption of salt and saturated fats, lower in the UK but higher in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.” The researchers believe one surefire efforts to reduce the death rate due to the types of food hazards is to implement the food tax.

Denmark has recently introduced the taxation of materials for foods high in saturated fat, while other countries consider new ideas for products similar to tax soft drinks or high-calorie foods.