Child Boomers, Pedal Your Way to Fitness Along a Network of Bike Paths in RI

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The newest population census tallied close to 80 million US residents born from 1946-1964, comprising the Infant Boomer generation. Out of a million plus residents living in Rhode Island, its largest demographic group of roughly 280,000 falls in between 45-54 years of age. According to findings reported by CNN Well being– overall, Boomers are heavier and much less wholesome than their parents had been at their age, and take far more prescription pills than the prior generation. They suffer from chronic ailments such as: obesity-associated ailments, diabetes, hypertension, and heart illness. Practically 30 per cent have been diagnosed with arthritis. Although there are no magic elixirs, it is crucial for sedentary Boomers to engage in some form of exercising to keep a wholesome weight, increase muscles, and strengthen cardiovascular Well being.

Pedaling Your Way to Fitness

The positive spin on bicycling is that it involves a low-impact, aerobic exercising much easier on the joints than most any other sort of exercising-perfect for aging Boomers. 1’s back field in motion will shed a lot more pounds and melt girth. Getting obtained a doctor’s high 5 to roll, the Well being and fitness advantages accrued from an ecologically sound and frugally enjoyable joy ride must result in tremendous improvements for: cardio-respiratory function, endurance, strength, flexibility, balance, power level, muscle tone, reflexes, sleep top quality, concentration, digestion, blood pressure, bone mass, circulation, and lung capacity.

Boomers, or members of any other generation, for that matter, cannot anticipate to cowboy into the sunset along the concrete trails without having Having in shape and staying that way each and every season by pedaling indoors on either an exercising bike or bike trainer. Also critical-considering that cycling is a repetitive activity exactly where the muscles do not go by way of their full range of motion, it is advised the quick rider engage in some form of stretching to loosen up and guard joints just after hopping off the saddle and propping the bike on its kickstand.

Boomer Bicycle Options

These crucial elements ought to be taken into consideration prior to investing in a bicycle as a purveyor of Well being and fitness: (1) whether or not you strategy to ride close to residence or transport your bike to yet another area; (2) the sort of terrain you will ride on; (3) priorities such as speed, comfort, versatility, simple storage, or effortless riding; (4) any physical limitations you ought to accommodate.

No matter what size, shape, fitness level, or limitations-there is a bike for just about every Boomer bicycle enthusiast:

Adult tricycle – preferred with seniors as properly as those with handicaps or balance complications, they’re effortless to board and present a stable ride.

Automatic shifting cruiser -an automatic 3 speed transmission mimics the automatic sensing and shifting of a car’s transmission for navigating hills.

Chainless bike – the chain made use of on a conventional bike is replaced by a drive shaft from the pedal crank shaft to a set of gears on the rear hub.

Comfort bike -favored by Boomers, this mountain or cruiser bike is modified to strengthen comfort level by means of high gear ratios, wider seats, and shock absorbers.

Cruiser bike -lots of Boomers appreciate these heavyweight, retro roadies with balloon tires, upright seating posture, and single-speed drive train most effective suited for leisure riding rather than navigating hilly terrain

Electric trail bike – provides a small jolt for those who need to have help on steeper inclines.

Folding bike – ideal for apartment dwellers for quick storage and transport, they are quick to fold and unfold.

Heavy duty bike – custom created, engineered, and built for large riders up to 550 lbs.

Hybrid bike– a versatile crossover combining the ideal attributes of a road bike and a mountain bike, developed to present the rider a a lot more upright position than a roadie.

Mountain bike – created for rugged, off-road terrain.

Road bike – developed mainly for speed and distance, but not suited for off-road or rough terrain.

Semi-recumbent bike -no bending forward to reach the handlebars; an adjustable, contoured backrest; wide comfort seat; dual 26″ wheels to handle bumps properly-it seriously puts the Boomer in the driver’s seat.

Step by means of bikes– formerly identified as a “ladies” bike, elimination of a cross bar eases mounting and dismounting, in particular if you are not as limber as you employed to be.

Due to the fact Rhode Island has develop into a leader in delivering bike paths, lanes, and routes for residents and guests to traverse all through spring, summer, and autumn in conjunction with the East Coast Alliance to create a contiguous path from Maine to Florida-let’s embark on a pavement pedal preview:

Blackstone River Bikeway:
Length – the 11.6 miles among Valley Falls Heritage Park off Broad St. in Cumberland and River’s Edge Park off Davison Ave. in Woonsocket is the largest open segment on a Almost 50-mile former rail corridor that will ultimately connect Providence to Worcester, Massachusetts.
Grade – predominately flat with steep hills to exit at Ashton Bridge parking region; a few slight rises along a stretch in Cumberland.
Trail Circumstances – high quality for paved sections.
View – a ride along former and current rail right of techniques; scenic views of the Blackstone River, its canals, and dams.
Directions – From Rte. 95, take Rte. 146 north to Rte. 123 east. Follow a few miles to access road on left (effectively marked).

Coventry Greenway:
Length -2.7 miles paved among Station St. and an region along Town Farm Rd. in Coventry; 1.6 miles unpaved route among Whitford St. and Station St.
Grade – flat; slight acquire in elevation east – west.
Trail Circumstances – superior to high quality on paved sections; unpaved sections passable by mountain bike or hybrid.
View -an abandoned rail corridor with sections of old track and switches, formerly the Washington Secondary Line, constructed in 1840 to connect Providence with New York.
Directions – From Rte. 95, take Exit ten to Rte. 117 west. Follow about six miles to a right on Station St. in Coventry.

East Bay Bike Path:
Length – 14.5 miles in between India Point Park in Providence with a connection to 3 miles of paved path in Colt State Park, Bristol.
Grade – predominately flat with 1 steep hill in East Providence. Occasional stiff head winds along Narragansett Bay’s upper and lower stretches.
Trail Circumstances – superior to typical.
View– diverse terrain; waterfront to bay front scenery.
Directions – From Rte. 95, take Rte. 195 east to Gano St. exit. Take left to India Point Park. Trail begins at right with ramps to the path operating on bridge alongside highway.

Fred Lippitt Woonasquatucket River Bikeway:
Length – 5.1 miles in between Providence Place Mall and Lyman Ave. in Johnston.
Grade – very good to top quality.
Trail Circumstances – 2.8 miles of on-road biking with precautions to be taken with heavy visitors in the urban section; 2.9 miles off-road.
View – 5 city parks; the river.
Directions – On Manton Ave., Providence, bear left onto Aleppo St.; or take Hillside Ave. off of Greenville Ave. in Johnston.

Quonset Bike Path:
Length – 2.5 miles from Post Ro. (Rte. 1) and Calf Pasture Point nature region in the Quonest Enterprise Park in North Kingstown.
Grade – largely flat.
Trail Circumstances – High quality.
View – brief and scenic, supplying access to a part of historic Wickford Village, Wilson Park, and tidal ponds.
Directions – From Route 95, take Exit 9 to Rte. 4 south. Take Rte. 403, and follow signs to Post Rd. Take a left at the Shell Station. Immediately after a few miles, in between State Police Barracks and NK Police and Fire, take left onto Intrepid Dr. Follow to parking lot. Option is Rte. 4 south to Rte. 102 south to left on Route 1. Soon after a mile, take right onto Rte. 1A exactly where a sign for Wilson Park is on the left.

South County Bike Path:
Length – roughly 8 miles total with 5.6 miles among Kingston RR Station and Rte. 108 in Wakefield; on-road routes should be accessed to reach the shore.
Grade – gentle hill in the middle of the trail from Kingston Station to Peace Dale; Peace Dale to Wakefield has a moderate gradient; caution – a switchback built exactly where an old trestle was removed calls for vigilance.
Trail Circumstances – high quality.
View – path served as a rail spur from the main line to Narragansett Beach; passes via sections of the Perfect Swamp.
Directions – from Rte. 95, take Exit 9 to Rte. 4 south. Follow till junction with Rte. 1 south, then follow to Rte. 138 west. Pass University of Rhode Island, appear for signs to Kingston Station. Trail begins from back of parking lot. Option is Rte. 4 south to Rte. 2 south to Rte. 138 east to Kingston Station.

Ten Mile River Greenway:
Length – 2.5 miles in between Ferris Ave. in East Providence and Armistice Blvd. in Pawtucket.
Grade – comparatively flat by means of Slater Park; rolling in southern section.
Trail Circumstances – good quality.
View – 1 of the couple of bike paths not constructed along a former rail corridor, so it has much more hills and curves; very scenic all through Slater Park.
Directions – Take 95 into Massachusetts and take initial exit, Exit 2A. Follow Rte. 1A south. Take left onto Armistice Blvd. and park entrance is on right. Or, follow south on Rte. 1A and entrance is on left.

Washington Secondary Bike Path:
Length – Cranston Bike Path, 5.5 miles; West Warwick Greenway, 3 miles; Warwick Greenway, 1.5 miles.
Grade – commonly flat; great incline heading west from river point section of West Warwick to Coventry line; slight incline from onset of Cranston Bike path at West Natick Rd. heading north.
Trail Circumstances – fantastic to quality; isolated places have a little quantity of dirt and debris immediately after heavy rains; some bumping from root encroachment along Cranston path.
View– passes by way of heavily populated locations; view of mills and Pawtuxet River.
DirectionsWest Warwick Greenway: From Rte. 95, take Exit ten (northbound) or Exit 10A (southbound) to Rte. 117 east. At second light, take a left onto Rte. 115 (Toll Gate Rd.). Follow to Rte. 2. Go straight on street just before Horgan Elementary School, take right to parking location behind restored caboose. Warwick Greenway & Cranston Bike Path: Take Rte. 295 to Rte. 2 north. Following the very first light, take left turnaround to Rte. 2 south and exit onto West Natick Rd.

The Infant Boomer’s path to fitness and Wellness must be paved with far more than superior intentions to physical exercise. Take the right of way by investing in a bicycle correct for your physical condition, and correct for the sort of terrain you prefer to pedal on. A low-impact, aerobic exercising a lot easier on the joints than most any other sort of physical exercise, bicycling entails only an very first outlay of money to acquire a set of wheels with out shelling out a penny on fossil fuels as costs soar at the pump. You’re much more than road prepared to pedal along a vast scenic stretch of Rhode Island’s bike paths in tandem to the rhythm of your own wheels, echoing the refrain of the Who’s preferred song in the Sixties – “I can see for miles and miles.”