Diets And The Subconscious Thoughts

In modern day healing modalities, such as NLP and EFT, it is recognized that to succeed at something, you need to be entirely congruent with it. Or in terms of Hypnosis, your conscious Thoughts and your subconscious Thoughts ought to be in alignment and agreement. Otherwise adjust is not probable or does not last. And you may well effectively ask what this has to do with dieting and losing weight…

Let me clarify. Your conscious Thoughts is all about your desires, when your subconscious Thoughts is about your protection, your beliefs, and your safety. If your conscious Thoughts desires 1 thing but your subconscious Thoughts desires an additional, then you are heading for disappointment. This consists of dieting and losing weight.

So what to do while your conscious and subconscious Thoughts are in disagreement? And how can you even tell if they are? Nicely, with a modern day method like EFT to release emotional blocks, you can release the misunderstandings in between your conscious and your subconscious Thoughts and reach a state of alignment or congruence for your effective weight loss.

Not convinced? Let us examine some history. Perhaps you determine that you want to shed weight and you go out and acquire a diet book or magazine, or purchase an on the internet diet, and you study it and obtain inspired to take action. The really subsequent day you start off cutting out particular foods and drinks. For a although, you really feel encouraged and full of purpose – at last you are taking manage of your physique, points are going to be extremely unique very soon. Soon, you notice that you are losing weight. You really feel terrific! In a way, it is quick getting on the diet. You do not must face temptation; it is out of the question. There is a specific security understanding that this is what you should eat, and that is OK. Some days, it can be a matter of discipline and willpower as it can be a struggle to deny your self much more on those days, but is is nice to be slimmer. A couple of weeks pass, and small by small, you let back some of that delicious food that you have been depriving oneself of. And prior to you know it, the diet has gone out of the window, replaced by weight acquire, and Possibly even putting on far more weight than you began with in the very first place, if not instantly right after, Possibly as the months roll on.

This might be a familiar scenario to you, or it may well be the story of a person you care for. So what occurred there, you may well nicely ask. Effectively, your conscious Thoughts began on a program to shed weight, and then imposed a harsh regime on your physique, to which the subconscious Thoughts is thought to be attached. But neither your physique nor your subconscious Thoughts had been consulted in the approach, so they did not agree to it. This was accomplished to them by force. And we all know what takes place even though somebody pushes us exactly where we do not want to go – we push back in the opposite direction. We rebel. And that is precisely what your physique and subconscious Thoughts did.

But that is not all. You have forced your subconscious Thoughts into a terrible bind. You away the only tool you ever gave it to maintain you feeling pleased and safe. And that tool is food. In other words, your subconscious Thoughts and your physique had been attempting to re-dress the balance of happiness and safety by performing anything that they really feel is terrific for you. They have been generating you want to eat additional food. Since that is what they believe is terrific for you. Even a poor habit like stuffing your face with naughty food is attempting to do terrific at a subconscious level, you see. And you do not must take my word for it. Just ask your self about what food may have been attempting to do for you all this time. Is it comfort? Is it satisfaction? Or Possibly protection? These are all effective emotional demands. While you went on that diet, you took away, by force, the only support you ever gave oneself. And by carrying out so, you inadvertently designed an intolerable circumstance in your physique and your subconscious Thoughts.

Let me clarify. While you went on that diet, two items at least would have occurred.

  • Your physique ultimately was thinking: I am starving, I need to conserve power! And then you may well have noticed the weight loss slow down, particularly if the dieting was not accompanied by suitable physical exercise. Your physique was also thinking: I am sending out hunger signals, but they are becoming ignored. I had much better send out stronger hunger signals till I am listened to!
  • Your subconscious Thoughts was thinking: I am with out the food that employed to protect me. It is not safe. I am no longer loved. It is a hazardous scenario. I need to have the food once again, and then I will be safe and loved and protected once again.


Faced with these effective inner causes against the diet, you ultimately give in and the kilos start off to creep up once more.

But it does not need to be that way. You do not need to fight against oneself. You can perform with your physique and your subconscious Thoughts to obtain a peaceful way forward that functions for you. EFT, brief for Emotional Freedom Approaches, is a terrific way to balance your Thoughts and physique. You can download a free guide from lots of on the web resources and come across out additional for your self. Or you can dive correct in and function with an skilled practitioner.

In conclusion, perform with your Thoughts-physique, not against it, and you will acquire the a lot more consistent outcomes that you seriously deserve.