Drunkorexia, is bad way to diet

Everyone knows if alcohol and diet are not appropriate. Beware of the disease called “drunkorexia”, is diet by consuming alcoholic beverages.

To prove this fact, scientists from the University of Missouri, United States, conducted a survey of their diet in the city. The result, 16 percent on a diet is dangerous to refuse a healthy calories. But they actually consume alcoholic beverages.

According to scientists, “drunkorexia” can be dangerous because it is a cognitive disorder on behavior. Diseases caused by lifestyle it can cause cognitive problems of short-term and long term, including difficulty concentrating and making decisions.

The study also ended that woman could potentially have “drunkorexia” three times more than men. Usually, they presume it’s an effective way to loose weight.

Besides the consumption of alcohol, the doctors worry about soft drinks. Sweetened soda increase blood sugar levels that can cause cancer of the pancreas as well as uncontrolled aggression.