Fat because Slow Metabolism? search for the truth?

Some people may have heard assumption that overweight problems happen because of a slowing metabolic processes in the body. Are these assumptions correct?

Donald Hensurd, MD, a specialist in preventive medicine and nutrition experts from Mayo Clinic College of Medicine revealed that there are some conditions in which human metabolism can be slowed, but it very rarely happen.

“Probably not. Indeed there is a term that slows metabolism. But slow metabolism is extremely rare,” said Hensurd.

He added that the metabolism is not a trigger weight gain or obesity. However, the condition is more due to diet (eat), exercise, genetics (family history), certain drugs, and lack of sleep.


Hensurd explained, metabolism is a process by which the body will change what you eat and drink into energy. In fact, when you are resting, the body still needs energy to perform tasks such as breathing, blood circulation and cell repair. The number of calories the body is used to perform basic functions referred to as basal metabolic rate (BMR).

Here are some factors that determine your basal metabolic rate:

* The size and composition of your body

If you have extra weight or have more muscle mass, you will burn more calories even at rest. Them with overweight are more likely to have a faster metabolic rate.

* Gender

If you’re a guy, you may have less body fat and greater muscle mass than a woman the same age. So, men will generally burn more calories.

* Age

When the get older, your muscle mass will decrease, thus slowing the rate of burning calories.