Fitness, What Factor Are The Causes Your Fitness Fail?

Many people who regularly exercise in the gym and hope to drop weight and become slimmer. But not all the people who run fitness could fulfill his desire, especially getting the desired weight.

Here are some reasons why one can’t lose weight as one purpose of doing fitness in the gym.

1. You can’t do enough cardio exercise (with intense).

Aerobics is one type of exercise is very effective for burning calories. So make sure you stay consistent cardio training. Aerobic exercise is recommended for about 30-45 minutes of cardio as much as 3-4 times per week. However, most must be considered is to find a cardio workout that is right for you.

One study found that the exercises that require quick movement helps release fat-burning hormones in the body. In addition to the frequency of regular exercise are also the key to eliminate unwanted belly fat.

Another study says that by doing 45 minutes of exercise a fast and powerful it can burn three times more calories than 45 minutes walk away. To eliminate unwanted fat, select a high-intensity exercise such as running.

2. You do not really serious.

Many people who choose reputable gym for a workout, with hope, weight-loss program will work. However, unfortunately you sometimes do not realize that what determines the success of your exercise to lose weight will depend on your own intentions and not because of the popularity of the gym.

Quite often, you often do things wrong when training. For example, do the treadmill while reading a magazine or even chat with other friends during the exercise. This will make you focus on exercises that are underway.

Promise yourself to finding purposes or personal reasons that could inspire to lose weight. Make these personal reasons as the motivation to maintain your workout routine.

3. Do not do strength training.

In addition to doing intense cardio, weight loss can produce results through a fitness program that combines cardio and strength training, per session each week.

Strength training can reduce the 3 percent body fat in 10 weeks because muscles burn more calories. After strength training, with fitness every day the average woman can burn about 100 extra calories.