Getting Fit with Low Impact Exercises

Getting in daily exercise is on the agenda of many.  Staying healthy and fit through low impact exercises will help you prolong your life and live an active lifestyle while minimizing your risk for injury. There are many outdoor activities that you and your family can take part in to get fit.  The following are a few low impact exercises that can have your family enjoying life and getting fit all at the same time.

  • Rowing.  A day at the lake can mean much more than just swimming.  Rowing is a great low pact exercise that can give you a good arm workout.  An hour or so of rowing burns many calories and allows you to enjoy the great outdoors.  This activity can be done at lakes or rivers near you.  Combine rowing with swimming and you and your family will make a day of burning calories and getting fit!
  • Hiking.  This is another outdoor activity that you and your family can enjoy.  Explore hiking trails in your area. Be sure to contact trail guides to find out if the trails are strenuous, moderate, or low in difficulty.  More strenuous hikes will be higher in impact.  The lower difficulty trains will be perfect for getting fit with your family.  Be sure to be prepared for the unexpected when hiking.  Hiking trips are best if they are planned for in advance.  They provide a fantastic low impact workout.
  • Bicycling.  A bike ride around your neighborhood will be the perfect opportunity for you to get fit. This low impact exercise is enjoyable, burns calories, and is also an activity that everyone in the family can enjoy.  Those who have injuries to the knees or ankles find that bicycling is a particularly good way to get fit without risking further injury.
  • Dancing.  Another great activity that the family can enjoy together is dancing.  There are work out videos available that teach the dance moves and provide motivation.  Dancing provides great exercise that can help you reach your goal of getting fit.   It can be a fun way for the family to spend quality time together while getting in shape.

Who says that low impact exercises have to be boring? They certainly do not! Use the exercises above for you and your family to get in daily exercise. You will be getting fit while having fun!