Katy Perry Slim Secrets

Here it is the secret of slim style of beautiful singer Katy Perry. Katy Perry is famous for its slim body. This was caused by the habit of doing strict diet. Besides undergoing cardio exercise routine to maintain the balance of her weight.

Here are some tips that have helped to keep a slim body:

1. do not limit the desire to eat certain foods.
Katy Perry likes salty foods, like Mexican food. Nutritional adviser and sports trainer, Harley Pasternak, is also not disputed. But she suggested, would be better if Perry eat more healthy menu such as tortilla with turkey, black beans and low fat cheese. So, she may occasionally eat foods that are desired. But after returning to diet program.

2. Set Type of Food
Perry usually eat in accordance with the suggested menu nutritional adviser. But she could not get healthy food, if not prepare it from home. Nevertheless, Perry still trying to find foods that are close to Pasternak’s advice, which contain fiber and protein. For example, Perry breakfast menu usually consists of egg whites, tomatoes, onions, ham, and cheese. She must comply with strict rules to get a slim body.

3. Put “fun” in the exercise
Perry also often feel bored when undergoing training with Pasternak. But she knew what the enjoys, which is doing jump rope, double jump, and do cross-over. So during training, she slipped her favorite exercise to stay happy