Low Impact Exercise Equipment

Finding the perfect exercise equipment that offers a low impact and high quality workout can be difficult.  There are several machines that are designed with minimal impact so that people who have suffered injury, who are aging, or who just want a lower intensity workout can still get in their daily recommended exercise.  The following exercise equipment can help you choose the perfect machine for your daily work outs.

  • Stair steppers.  While taking these stairs may often feel like it is adding insult to your injury, stair steppers actually offer great exercise with very little impact.  You can adjust the intensity of the machines to fit your strength and ability.   It should be added to your list of “must haves” if you are searching for low impact exercise equipment.
  • Exercise bikes.  Exercise bikes, also known as stationary bikes, are a popular way to get in a great workout with very little impact to your body. With many options to choose from, you can purchase electric or self propelled bikes to get in your daily workout.  They come with built in features that allow you to control the impact your body receives from the workout.  If you want a harder workout, you simply have to adjust the tension of the bike.
  • Elliptical machines.  The newest addition to low impact exercise equipment is the elliptical machine. Known as a “cross trainer” this machine works the legs, arms, and hip area with virtually no impact to your body at all.  A disadvantage of this machine is that they are often large and bulky.  It may be hard to find a spot for this machine in your house.
  • Tread climbers.  Another recent addition to the exercise world is the invention of the tread climber.  This machine simulates both walking and climbing at the same time.  It gives a very effective low impact work out.

If you are looking to for equipment for your home gym, or simply wondering which equipment you should try at your local gym, use the advice above.  You may be surprised at the great heart healthy workout that you will get from these machines.  With little impact to your body, you will still get the benefits of a good workout without the risk of injury.  Choose the machine that you most enjoy using and allow it to help you reach your weight loss or exercising goals.