Right Diet is a Slim Quick and Get Healthy Body

Do not just slim, because it will just make weight to be rise higher, or exposed to disease. The key to slim quick is the correct for the long term and healthy body weight.

Europeans have a limit of 25 overweight and obese limit of 30. Above 25 is called overweight, more than 30 is called obesity. While Asians, 23 are is called overweight, 25 obese. Lower limit of 18.5. So, normal Asians was 18.5 – 23. “This is what should be the benchmark used, if the body weight between 18-5 – 23, and less weight also even at risk of disease.”

The second parameter used is the waist size. Normal waist size of women is less than 80 cm, while the men less than 90 cm. “Although a normal body weight, but if the waist circle of more than 80, then he must lose weight, because of increased risk of getting diseases,” “Everybody can measure themselves.”

If you find that the parameters show excess weight already, what to do? “There are only 2 ways lose weight with healthy. The first is to adjust your diet, mean intake of calories in moderation,” The second is with physical activity. “Physical activity increases, the energy demand will be high, while intake of calories in a bit, finally arises a deficit of calories, too.”

do this is a healthy slim, will make you get a healthier body can also make your body slim quick.