Strange Celebrity Hollywood style diet

Celebrity appearances are always beautiful and glamorous world. Nan fantastic slim body makes them unsightly. I wonder what their secret to form the bodies like that? how weird Hollywood celebrities in applying diet for loosing weight. In fact, the way it is sometimes dangerous to be followed

1. Inhaling the scent that makes decreased appetite
It is common knowledge-Fergie Black Eyed Peas and Cindy Crawford sipped apple cider vinegar as colon cleanser and appetite suppressant. They think the smell of it can make your metabolism that can help fight food cravings.

Although considered to be powerful, but nothing replaces healthy eating and regular exercise to loose weight.

2. Cigarettes and laxatives
Celebrities of the world in the 1980’s known to be very close to the cigarettes and laxatives as a diet. Two objects that will become a scourge for themselves. Cigarette smoke is suicide for your skin and other vital organs. Meanwhile, laxatives will make your digestive system will be disrupted.

3. baby food
Pureed carrots and peas? Hard to believe that some of the celebrities of the world doing this diet to replace regular meals. They feel by eating baby food in small bottles that can satiates their stomachs, thus preventing to eat other foods.

4. sex
Sexual intercourse may be one way to maintain a healthy body and mind. In addition, if you perform a variety of styles at the ‘main menu’ it can help you loose weight. That fact is recognized actor Nicholas Cage as a way to loose weight effectively

5. Maple Syrup with Chili Powder
Also known as Master Cleanse. Famous stars on a diet in this way is Beyonce, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. “Cleansing” is made ​​of a concoction of maple syrup, cayenne pepper, lemon juice, and water, which is said to eliminate toxins from the body. The potion also dainggap makes a person to control their hunger.

Beverages are usually consumed every morning and night with laxatives. Of course, this diet is not good for digestion.

6. Gelatin and Cotton
Yes, a cotton ball soaked in gelatin and then eaten. With the agar cotton, you know longer need to consume other delicious foods that can cause increased body weight. The theory behind a cotton ball diet is that if you eat enough before the meal, the stomach becomes too full to eat.

The only problem is cotton instead of food, which means it has no nutrients. It can also cause damage to your digestive system.

You better go on a diet by keeping a healthy diet and exercising regularly.