The Secret of Eating Habits to Slim Quick

Instead we accumulate jealousy, it’s better to learn from a friend that slim. They certainly have habits that make the needle did not move the scales to larger numbers.

The slim choose foods that contain lots of water
Professor of nutrition at Pennsylvania State University, Barbara Rolls, doing research on caloric density by making the ratio between the number of calories and weight of food. The result, foods with high water content, such as fruits, vegetables, soup without cream, and steamed or boiled wheat, has a low calorie, but filling because it is rich in fiber.

Slender women often start eating the appetizer salad or soup in a portion of a lot. because, they will eat the main course less. “These habits can cut about 12 percent of total calories eaten plain,” Interestingly, the foods with high water content effectively prevent eating more than drinking lots of water.
Slim knows what is appropriate for her body
Research has shown that one-third of Americans on a diet, but 64 percent of the population is overweight or obese. From the numbers it appears that we are trying to run the various types of diets, but rarely successful. The biggest difference with the slim mostly of people is they have their own way a very specific, personal, but effective.

“They’ve left the mindset of” wrong-correct “and” good-bad “. They’re just sticking to a successful way to make weight remained stable,” says psychologist Stephen Gullo.

When healthy habits have become part of everyday life, it is no longer needed or counting calories jogging a successful recording distance traveled today.

The slim eating regularly
Slim women will stop eating when the stomach is full, but they also do not let themselves starve. “The case that I encountered more than 15,000 patients, the number one habit that makes people lose control of the food is not eaten in the morning or evening,” says Gullo, a lot of treating patients who have problems with weight.

The same is presented by Dr. Inge. “Schedule regular meal must if we want to control hunger,” he said. He suggested a minimum of three meals a day. If you want to add a portion of food, although few in number, he cautioned that we still consider the amount of calories in order to stay as needed.
The slim limit the choice
Many say, we need a variety of food to meet nutritional needs optimally. But, research suggests Barbara Rolls, a growing number of food choices there are, the greater is desire to eat. It deals with the trend of our senses to be more quickly satisfied with something specific. This means when eating a large serving of meals, the stomach may feel full and decreases appetite. However, once presented with a tempting menu of other foods, we suddenly feel still have room in the stomach to eat it.

“What happens, when faced with a choice of menu, we will have a sense of satiety that limits continue to shift for each type of food,” said Barbara, who also wrote The volumetrics Eating Plan. “We’re going to feel ‘hungry’ for any food that has not been attempted. Especially foods that taste, smell, shape, and texture are different,” she added.

Nevertheless, she did not recommend that we limit only eat certain foods in order to stay slim. “We must increase the variety of food from the class of vegetables and fruits are low in calories to keep getting the nutrients the body needs,” she said.
The slim is not emotional eating
This reminds us not to eat emotionally. This means we must understand the body whether it is physically hungry or emotionally hungry. “Meeting the need for emotional hunger will lead to obesity,” he asserted. Recognize the difference between the two types of hunger, one of them to identify the causes of weight gain. If we know the cause, we can prevent it.

“Stress, sadness, anger, loneliness, can make us eat ice cream, chocolate or other foods are fattening,” says Stephen Gullo. The slim is usually recognize and avoid it. They rarely keep it at home. “Eating is emotionally usually occurs at home,” he added.