Unhealthy 1000 Calorie Diets – Risks and Dangers

1000 calorie diets

All diets holds in some risks and dangers. The healthier diets tend to have much less risks than the much more unhealthy fad diets. The risks also get a lot more severe and probable the longer you remain on them. It could even put your health and perhaps even your life at risk. If you nonetheless nonetheless want to go on a 1000 calorie diet, it may perhaps hold in these risks and dangers:

Fatigue and malnutrition

An unhealthy low calorie diet typically consists of foods from one or restricted food groups. This reduce the quantity of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that is in the food. It can lead to you becoming far more tired and even fatigued or in the worst case lead to you becoming malnutrition-ed.


Most of the weight that you shed on a 1000 calorie diet are primarily from water weight. And it could lead to you being dehydrated if you do not consume sufficient water. So drink up!To limit your risk, have at least two liters of water a day.

May perhaps slow down your metabolism

If the calories are limited too severely, your physique could feel it is in a famine. This may possibly result in your metabolism to slow (and burn much less calories) down and can lead to long term weight acquire.

Understanding of yo-yo diet habits

You may perhaps get in the habit of going on a diet, then losing weight just to acquire it all back once again and then to start off the evil yo-yo cycle all more than once more. And when you are seduced by continuous dieting, it may perhaps be complicated to get out of.

Gaining all the weight back

Most of these diets in no way teaches you healthy consuming habits and only a modest percentage shows you how to essentially sustain your weight. That could make you choose back up all your weight when the diet is more than and you go back to your old consuming habits.

Now that you are conscious of the quite a few risks an dangers of 1000 calorie diets, you can take the crucial precautions to limit or to prevent those risks. Exercising is a different good way to burn off excess calories. One of the machines that I love most are stepper machines.