Want to Slim? Love Your Body

Learns to love your body. This turned out far more effectively than you are busy working out to get the ideal body shape. Thus the results of studies presented at the meeting of the Society for Behavioral Medicine in Montreal, Canada.

Love the body itself was also able to help you to quit smoking. At the same time eliminating the annoying fat weight

The results were also obtained from the system of therapy called Body Image. That is a therapy based on perception or view of a person in possession of their own bodies. This view is influenced by the relationship of friends and family members, experiences and struggles in life, as well as by how we think about how others perceive us.

This therapy usually includes exercises glass, in which a woman sees a reflection both of their bodies. But not to criticize parts of the body. They are also required to focus on aspects of the admirable appearance.

Advantages body image therapy proved fruitful results when researchers began investigating how the impact of smoking cessation in women aged 18 to 24 years. First, the researchers interviewed about 43 young women and learn their weights increased.

The researchers also found that ten percent of the women’s group in body image therapy classes who had stopped smoking for one week was able to loose weight than women who took part of the group exercise routine.