Workout and Fitness Myths

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Fat turning into muscle and vice versa

This is 1 of the most prevalent fitness myths I have heard, when I was initially beginning out, the most typical piece of tips I received was, eat junk food to raise the quantity of fat I had, then get started lifting weights and turn that fat into muscle. The other factor persons would say was if you stopped lifting weights that muscle would turn into fat.

Fat and Muscle are two distinctive varieties of tissue, 1 can not transform into the other, muscle can grow or shrink, and the similar with the quantity of fat tissue you have.

Spot Coaching

This is the 1 about attempting to shed fat from a precise location of your physique, by Workout that precise physique portion.

For example, somebody attempting to shed belly fat by performing lots of sit ups or ab crunches, sadly it does not work like that, you can not choose and pick an location of your physique to shed fat, that is decided by our genetics.

If somebody wanted to shed fat from their belly the greatest way to do this is to lower their overall physique fat percentage, by Workout and great consuming habits.

If you cannot work out lengthy sufficient you could as nicely not bother

Some people today have the concept that they want to Workout 5 occasions a week for at least an hour to get any outcomes, and if they cannot commit that a lot time, they could as nicely not bother.

This is not the case, you can have a really productive Exercise in much less than 30 minutes, a small Physical exercise is far better than none at all, just going for a brief walk is useful.

Six Pack Myth

Some feel the ideal way to get a six pack is to do loads of sit-ups and ab crunches, this will strengthen and tone your abdominals, but if you have a couple of layers of fat on your stomach, your abs will be hidden.

Carrying out one thing that burns far more calories, like jogging or even walking would be a greater initially step in finding that six pack.

“I do not want to lift weights due to the fact I do not want to get to massive”

1 of my favourite fitness myths, I hear this considerably, from time to time I advise persons who want to shed fat to do some weight Coaching, mainly because if they create up some a lot more muscle it will support them burn off fat and calories. At times they reply with, “I do not want to do weight Coaching mainly because I will get too massive”.

What they do not fully grasp is that it is not uncomplicated to put on massive amounts of muscle, it is not in everybody’s genetic makeup to appear like a bodybuilder.